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1968 Introductie Persmap – Dossier de Presse – Press Folder

Press File cover – File contained al of the below materials

With the compliments of Peugeot

Notes on Press Map and Content

Official Introduction - September 12

Press Test Route: Paris - Orleans

All Technical Details Manual

Introduction Brochure

Prices 504 September 1968

Brief Technical Details

... on Two Sides

Carburetor version sectional view

Injection version sectional view


Carburetor engine

Carburetor engine

Injection engine

Injection engine

Oil and Cooling system

Fuel system injection engine




Gear change mechanism

Gear change

Drive shafts


Front hub and suspension

Rear axle and suspension

Suspension details

Steering gear

Breaking system

Master cylinder

Interior air supply

Exterior dimensions

Interior dimensions

Body panels