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1969 Sedan - Berline - Saloon
Rotten: Renewed: Remove all paint where necessary:
Working on the parking scratches: Primer:  More Primer:
Looks already very different: Old Interior removed: Doors – Conservation and Rebuilding:
Working on the Sunroof Frame: Wow…. New Upholstry:


Compare Exterior: 30 years paint – dull As new again
Compare Interior: Original brown but worn-out Genuine black leather with red carpets as new
1975 Coupe V6

From OK to a potential disaster 2007-2019

Work has started early 2021

Making progress after summer break

Suspension and rust prevention

1979 Sedan - Berline - Saloon


Compare Engine: Pretty dirty still Cleaned and well serviced
Compare Exterior: Not too bad before But much better now
Compare Interior: Looks OK, but in reality very dirty Thoroughly cleaned and parts replaced where needed