Genuine Kugelfisher Membranes and Revision Kits for Peugeot 504

New Membranes & Revision Kits for KF5 and XN2 engines.

Does your 2.0 liter 504 injection engine start consuming more and more gasoline and you can’t figure out why? Then there is a fair chance that the membranes that control the vacuum inside the injection pump got porous. This is especially very likely when the car wasn’t used for some years. Problem for many of us is how to get those damn membranes. I did sell new membranes for many years, but stopped, since complete revision kits from Bosch are appearing again on the market and others have picked this up now. The revision kits do contain the 2 membranes you need, and other small parts as well you likely do not really need…..

The reference number for the revision kit = Bosch 8 492 928 001

Some reliable addresses to get a revision kit are:

  • L’aventure Peugeot – see section engine equipment
  • TealMaxLion – here you can also buy the special wrench for the suction valves !! see image to the right. You do not need this for replacing the membranes, but if you need to dismantle the pump housing it comes in handy.
  • Der Franzose – search for: bosch repair set
  • Serie04 – direct link since their search sucks

Instructions for Changing (or checking) the Membranes

3 language versions can be downloaded below

Nederlands / Néerlandais / Dutch

Engels / Anglais / English

Duits / Allemand / German (good images)

Peugeot 504 Injection Pump Technical Information and Documentation

  • KF6 system -> 1.8 liter Peugeot 504 engine without membranes
  • KF5 system -> 1.8 liter Peugeot 504 engine with membranes
  • XN2 system -> 2.0 liter Peugeot 504 engine with membranes

Downloads below contain Injection Pump information pages only. Full downloads (if relevant and available) may be downloaded from the Manuals section on this website.

KF6 - Peugeot Documentation 1193


XN2,KF5,KF6 - Workshop Manual Peugeot Documentation 1212


XN2,KF5,KF6 - Workshop Manual Peugeot Documentation 1212NL


XN2,KF5,KF6 - Workshop Manual Peugeot Documentation 1212E


KF5 - Peugeot Documentation 12xxNL


KF5 - Peugeot Documentation 1493


KF - Peugeot Documentation 2766


2018 - Gazoline Kugelfisher Repair Manual

A MUST have with abundant images, but cannot be shared here due to copyright!

KF6 - Interauto Petrol Fuel Injection Book


XN2,KF6 - Haynes 161


KF6 - Revue Technique Automobile 285 301 330


XN2,KF6 - l'Expert Automobile 74