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Project E27 – Coupe USA / Coupe USA – Projet E27

504 Coupé Sport USA Prototype (Project E27)

The E27 project was designed to complete the Peugeot 504 range and conquer the American sports coupe market.

This vehicle, designed by the Italian designer Pininfarina, was to be powered by the PVR V6 injection engine with 121 horsepower or a 2.2 liter turbo engine with 165 horsepower. In 1979, a first prototype exceeded the 205 km/h mark.

The 504 Coupé Sport USA was to be launched commercially in March 1982, but Peugeots financial difficulties and the excessive risks on the US market led to the abandonment of the E27 project.

The ambitious sports coupé was not only imagined for the US market. A European version was also studied.