Introduction 1968: File cover, brochure, manual and single sheets section:

Press File cover With the compliments of Peugeot Official Introduction - September 12
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Notes on Press Map and Content Press Test Route: Paris - Orleans Prices 504 September 1968
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Introduction Brochure All Technical Details Manual Brief Technical Details (2 sides)

Introduction 1968: Technical Photo's (!) Section:

Carburetor sectional view Injection sectional view  
Engines Carburetor engine Carburetor engine
Injection engine injection engine Oil and Cooling system
Fuel system injection engine Clutch Gearbox
Gearbox Gear change Gear change
Drive shafts   Final drive gear
Front hub and suspension Rear axle and suspension suspension details
Steering gear Break system Master cylinder
Air supply interior Dimensions exterior Dimensions interior
Body panels Vision