1979 Saloon

Dismantled and Waiting:
2-Component Epoxy Primer on bare Metal:
No concessions - 4 New Doors:
New Back Panel mounted and Boot sanded:
Again 2-component primer and 3 layers
of under paint ready for more sanding:
4.5 layers of Color and 2 of blank Varnish:
Paint job done:
Boring period to let paint dry and harden:
Meanwhile a new coating for the Wheels:
Under Body before conservation:
Cleaned and treated by Jan van Egmond:
FUN - Rebuilding in the sun:
New parts (e.g. Joints) where needed:
Working on the Upholstery:
Cleaning and Conservation Products:
Servicing the Engine:
Engine Cleaned:
Refitting the Windows:


Compare Engine: Pretty dirty still

Cleaned and well serviced

Compare Exterior: Not too bad before But much better now

Compare Interior: Looks OK, but in reality very dirty Thoroughly cleaned and parts replaced where needed