Russian Magazine

Appearance in Russian car magazine 2004/2005:
In November 2004 I was contacted by a French/Russian reporter living in Paris and part-time working for the Russian car magazine Automovilia ( He had set his mind on writing an sphere article about the year 1968, around three cars that first saw the light in that particular year. A Volga M45 (which he owned himself), an Audi 100 and a Peugeot 504. Through the Internet he had found both the Audi and the 504 in the Netherlands and after a lot of emails we were ready to shoot on a Saturday in late November. Some of the images I made myself during the sessions you can find below. A link to the complete article can be found here soon. But don't think this is the end of the story....................

The Volga did not start enthusiastly and definitely had problems running smoothly and it definitely looked like an ignition problem. Somewhere at 3/4 of the session we were again driving to another location when I heard an immense explosion coming from outside. When I looked through the mirror I saw the journalists hands in the air. A short investigation learned that the exhaust pipe had literally busted open over a length of 40 cm !! So in the end the Journalist went back to Paris by train and the Volga was left behind with me. After I had it repaired I had a chance to drive it for some miles, but believe me, you don't miss anything if you haven't.......

The journalist liked the 504 so much that back home he started to look into 504 ads. and notified me about one for sale in Germany. This actually triggered directly the purchase of number 13, the chocolate 1976 GL Automatique.