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The Jaeger Dashboard in a 1970 one The Jaeger Dashboard in a 1970 one Rubber rear bumper cover for 1971
There are not many people who know about the existence of this special Jaeger dashboard that was optional in the very early years. Some like it, but actually I don't. The woody look simply doesn't look too good. Nevertheless it is definitely rare enough to have one. The pictures you see here are taken by me. Since the crash of our white 'German' 1970 504 we were looking for a replacement 504 from the first production years. I had been going through lots of ads. from French magazines and once in a while I did sent a pocket camera to an owner asking for some pictures. Also with this guy. When I saw his pictures the Jaeger dashboard immediately struck me that much that, despite the fact that the pictures were not very promising and the price was quite high, we went off to France. Although the guy was living in Paris, the car was parked at his South-Breton beach apartment. What an extraordinary experience. We first went to Paris and met the owner who was over 90 years old! He lived in a very luxurious apartment and was telling us that he had bough the car new and liked it that much that he had been keeping on 'restoring' it (not very promising). The pictures he showed us were staggering. He was definitely a very, very wealthy guy showing us images of him and his 504 in front of a huge estate which was apparently his ! Mmmmm perhaps the car was in good condition anyway. Now he was very happy that he had a chance to sell his baby to an addict so he gave me all the signed paperwork in advance. Upon arrival at his beach apartment we were welcomed by his maid and gardener who showed us the 504, and although it was very tempting to buy because of the Jaeger dash, the car had been worked on many times 'the French way' and its condition was really disappointing and the price just too high. I decided to call the owner telling him this and he agreed with my lower offer, but hold on......... Then when the maid heard our conversation, she grabbed the horn from me and started to shout to her boss !!! telling him how he could ever sell this excellent car he loved so much for such a ridiculous price etcetera. Instead of firing her, he turned down my offer and we went home WITHOUT the 504. Now in 2004 we are over 10 years later and I wonder what ever happened with this French 504. Looking at the owners age at that time it doesn't make much sense to try and contact him again.... Lucky guy who saved the Jaeger dash from this one.
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